Practice felt good tonight


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Feb 14, 2011
Annapolis, MD
We lost a wonderful band member last year due to retirement and moving a state away. Nick is that guy that's totally unselfconscious and gives 100%, sang the high stuff and was just fun. We replaced him with another friend of mine with mad bass skills, but didn't want to sing. He was a little hard to schedule especially for a retired person.

Our band leader (nominal) met a young guy that lives five houses up the street from him who played bass and sings. I had my doubts about him but he's a tenor, plays very well and has really shown he wants to be there despite our age disparities. So I had to fire my friend, which was no big deal. We play our first gig with the new kid 12/3.

We went through our last set tonight and it felt to me as if we're gelled now. I was wondering if it was time to stop but I think this is going to work even if there's less jumping around.