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    Hey all.

    I have a Wren and Cuff 60’s Fuzz. It’s a fuzz face style pedal and uses a positive ground adapter. I have a cable for it that worked fine up until recently.

    The issue is that it powers the pedal sometimes, but not always. It may or may not start working again if I pull the adapter and reinsert it. It works with a battery. I do not think the cable is bad, but don’t know that for certain.

    W&C will repair the pedal for free, even though I bought it used. The problem is I really don’t want to send it off. It’s a pretty key part of my rig for my band.

    Any common issues with power jacks that I might be able to see by looking closely and then fix on my own? I am reasonably handy and can solder if needed.

    Thanks much for any advice.
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    It's possible your adaptor has a break inside. If you find and electronics store and take your pedal they should be able to find either a connector or new adaptor of the right voltage. Many adaptors now have a tip able to be reversed to put +ve on the sleeve if need be.
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    Isolate the issue. Do you have a separate power supply or a different adapter cable? It's far more likely to be the cable than an issue with the jack.

    If it works fine with another power unit, the cable is the issue. If not, then you can suspect the jack.
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    I had a similar problem with a pedal. Inside the jack socket there was a pin in the middle and a spring leaf on the side that was supposed to make contact with the external part of the power plug. I found that this little spring was out of shape, and managed to bend it just a little bit using a needle so it works again.

    Otherwise you replace the jack, it shouldn’t be too complicated for someone with soldering skills.

    Of course it could be something else in the electronics, but that’s the most obvious.
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