Potential first time Les Paul buyer


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Apr 7, 2010
I know I don’t *need* a Les Paul, but since I’ve never owned one and I think I’d like a hum bucket guitar in my collection, trying to get some feedback from those with more experience.

I went to GC yesterday to play. LP Standard 50s. I liked the chunky neck, the guitar sounded great through a deluxe reverb. It felt relatively easy to play, just takes some getting used to as I’m a Fender lifer. Anyway, 2800 is a lot to pay for an electric guitar (for me, anyway), so I’m just wondering if anyone has other suggestions that won’t destroy my bank account? I play almost completely clean, fingerstyle most of the time, so I don’t need a rock machine. I had an Eastman 335 clone which was nice, but I guess I’m searching for something a little different. Any suggestions would be great!
I have always been thrown off with the high cost of the Les Paul as well. I know you can find them used, but I have never come across one in a condition I could live with, at a price I could live with. I chanced upon the Les Paul Studio in my local GC, and fell in love with it. They don't have the chunky neck if that is what you are looking for, but the price is a fraction of a Standard Les Paul.

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