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    Is there an actual specific pod go place to go or do I just shoot my questions here? Thx. I’ve seen varying used to this question but I still haven’t found out if when trails are engaged do they actually go from patch to patch or are they only inside of a patch. I’m pretty sure I’m inSnapshot mode or whatever it’s called, as I see a little camera and a number one in the top right corner, and I can get trails to function when I shut an effect off -(reverb and delay) I can’t get them to function on say changing from 07C to 07A, where I have programmed the same patch but I would like to have a different reverb and possibly delay on each. I guess if there was more memory I could just program each patch with a couple reverbs & couple delays but there isn’t that much memory. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to bounce between two patches and have the Reverb and delays trail out into the new ones, or is it?
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    Tails only work within a preset.... they cannot be retained during a preset change. That is because an effect is completely unloaded when you change presets.
    • Tails on - allows a delay or reverb to continue to sound after you turn the effect off
    • Tails off - as soon as you turn the effect off, the effect ends.
    • Snapshots will follow the "tails" settings.
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