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    42CB66DD-2BD5-423D-8CA1-0E47D0A170DB.jpeg About three weeks ago I heard “In The Year 2525”, a OHW from 1969. Got me wondering what happened to old Zager and Evans so I went to Wikipedia and found that Denny Zager makes guitars.
    Rummaging around his website I found he sells these “EZ Play” Carbon flex guitar picks. I figured “what the hell?” and ordered 5 for $19. Four balloons per pick.
    Well, it’s been about 10 days and I must say these plectra (is that a word?) have made a noticeable positive impact on my playing both acoustic and electric. It doesn’t shift in my hand like my Dunlops and Fenders. It is smooth but remarkably does not slip from my fingers even with reduced pressure for lighter or gentler strumming (these others often fell from my fingers) My picking seems more precise as well. It still seems a bit odd to me but I think it’s real (for me).
    The website states Johnny Cash uses them which I thought was an exaggeration considering, well you know.
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