Pleasant surprise at my first appearance gig.


TDPRI Member
Nov 19, 2021
Played a 2 piece gig last night (Friday) first time at a local pub called Wings Etc. Get there plenty early to see what I am dealing with and no one cleared us out a spot to play. No biggie. Moved a couple tables from in front of the giant front window and set my Evolve M50 PA up along with the laptop stand and my vertical banner then hung out for a bit. Place was maybe a quarter full. I made up a setlist. Had a couple shots of Captain. Kicked off right on time and within a half hour it was like a spigot opened up! People filed in and filled it right up and I mean right to where we were setup at LOL...I kind of panicked. what a night. three sets blew by in nothing flat. Never had an enthusiastic crowd like that. We broke right down after the last set. That area filed right up LOL wow...Manager booked us up for some summer spots. Fun fact, only place in town with a liquor license by the way. Really clean place. Outdoor area should be a fun setup.