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Player Jaguar with mods.

Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by KelvinS1965, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. KelvinS1965

    KelvinS1965 Tele-Holic

    Apr 9, 2014
    Wokingham England
    I got GAS for a short scale guitar and zoned in on a Fender Jaguar. Initially I thought I'd modify one into a sort of Esquire. However, after I picked up a Fender Player that had been in the shop for a long time I changed my mind as I really liked the neck pickup. I wasn't so keen on the bridge pickup, either in humbucker or tapped modes, so figured I may as well go to a more traditional two single coil Jaguar set up.

    I tried to find a used neck pickup from another Player to use in the bridge, but no luck. I was almost about to order a set of V-mod pickups when a set of used Pure Vintage '65 pickups came up for similar money. These are the ones used on the American Original 60s Jaguar, so I was able to watch various Youtube videos comparing them to the V-mods and decided to go with the used option, which was also a much quicker delivery too.

    I've had to do some work on the frets, frets ends and the nut: I was aware they could do with some work, but the price was good and not many places had them in stock due to the current situation. Stuff that I knew I could do, so I did a deal and also got a hardcase for trade price (still to arrive though). The work sorted out the slight rough feel it had, plus a set up to suit my tastes, changed the strings for 11 gauge (it's short scale remember). I got a 'Straytrem' bridge which solves the usual Jaguar rattles and also narrowed up the string spacing a little which actually works better for me.

    I made a little cosmetic change too with Telecaster knobs since I'm not keen on the standard 'witch hat' ones. The Pau Ferro 'board is quite dark and doesn't look a million miles different to the Rosewood one on my Les Paul Junior. It's also much smoother than when I got it after some careful work with 3M nylon pads and fretboard oil:
    Jag Floor 1.jpg

    Close up of the Staytrem bridge:
    Staytrem 1.jpg

    This was during the upgrade of the pickups. Cavities come painted with conductive paint, which surprised me for a Player series. I took the whole loom, pickups and control panel off as a complete unit, so it could be refitted if I ever decide to sell it on:
    Jaguar strip down.jpg

    This is how it stands now:
    Jaguar SC 2.jpg

    I've taped the selector switch down so I can play it and make the adjustments to the pickup height. Next job is to cut a custom pickguard from a blank as I'm going for the cleanest look I can and only have a pickup switch (from a Gibson SG loom I had) on the top part as I found the original switch below the neck pickup got in the way.

    I might make another 'guard later using an off white 3 ply one, depending on how well this goes. The blank was under £10 delivered, so not a huge expense. In fact the whole project totals under £700, which is about half what an American Original 60s would have cost and I'd still have wanted to remove all the excess switches and chrome bits, plus add a Staytrem:
    Pickguard & blank.jpg

    Just for interest, this was a mock up I made of what the 'Jagsquire' might have looked like: I'd have changed the knobs for Tele ones and used a covered pickup with a chrome cover, but I don't have the skills to edit a version of that:

    Jagsquire Mockup.jpg
  2. musky55

    musky55 Tele-Meister

    Nov 18, 2010
    Here is my modded Jaguar. Hollow steel body nickel plated. Maple neck with ebony fretboard. Fat single coils neck and bridge, hot rail in the middle with off-on pushpull pot, all pickups wired blendable. Silver Surfer.jpg
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