Played Our Last Wedding for 2022


Feb 21, 2011
Bloomsburg PA
Last night we played our seventh and final wedding for this year and it was a great way to end the season. Each wedding had something unique about it, and each was a blast to play. Some of this year's highlights include:
- Our farthest distance to a wedding (270 miles one way)
- Playing in some really cool venues, particularly The Bank in East Aurora NY
- This place is literally an old bank, and it looks great inside, plus features a plentiful amount of echo.
- Two outdoor weddings in October - These were rather cold evenings.
- "Hooked on a Feeling" goes over ridiculously well for us.
- As always, I spend the down time between setting up and getting to play hours later by grading tests and writing lecture notes for Calculus and Physics.

It's been a great year, and we're hoping to make next year even grander. I've don't believe that I've ever posted a link to anything that I've played before but I'm proud of my band tonight, so if anyone wants to check us out you can go to or