Pine Box Customs - Sirens (Overdrive and Modulation)

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    Dec 14, 2016
    My buddy let me borrow this pedal to check out and I was really into it so I made a full video to try an help explain how the modulation side of things work. The dirt side is pretty cool on it's own. It goes from a clean boost, up to a dirty overdrive and then into a full blown gross fuzz when you max it out. The modulation side is pretty damn interesting though.

    Besides pulling out your normal chorus and vibrato, there's two really special things that set it apart from other pedals. First of all the wave shape for the LFO is an interesting concept. On one end of the control, you've got a triangle wave... on the other is a straight up square wave. The part is how you can blend and use both at the same time. Really gives you a lot of interesting modulation action.

    Another neat feature is the LAG control. This basically adds a delay to the modulation and replays your sampled audio back, allowing you to extend the range of how far your pitch goes up and down. It's kinda weird to type out and explain. It's better to just listen to it.

    Anyway, I was pumped to try it. Pine Box is a relatively small company and the dude was super helpful in explaining the pedal to me. Anyone else have some Pine Box Pedals? Let me know what you think!

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