Pickup blend - parallel (done) and series (looking for)


Mar 13, 2012
Wroclaw, Poland
Some time ago I came up with the wiring for "double blend" which I'm sharing below. This works as follows:
- 1st position - bridge pickup with tone controi, as usual
- 2nd position - bridge pickup, but now instead of tone control the pot works as blend control, when rolled off it's adding neck pickup gradually (so when rolled of 100% it's bridge + neck parallell)
- 3rd position - same as above, but for the neck pickup - tone pot works as blend control, when rolled off it's adding bridge pickup gradually.

This way, you have most of the classic sounds plus infinite blending choice. I've been using this in my alder tele for more than a year now and I'm happy with the enhanced tonal possibilities.

Now I'd like to try this with series connected pickups. I have a Baja with the 4-way switch and I'd like to add the series blend (even if only for neck + bridge blend-in). I could sacrifice one or both out-of-phase Baja sounds to free some switch positions for the blend.

Does any of you guys have an idea on how to achieve this?


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