Pickup advice and HSS Suhr type wiring diagram help

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    Hi all,

    I currently have parts on order at Warmoth for a custom strat partscaster I decided to build. It'll be a Roast Swamp Ash hardtail body and a Roast maple neck.

    I've decided to go for a HSS but with one volume and one tone control. I want to do for a Suhr style wiring so will have a 500k pot for the humbucker and 250k for the SCs. One question I wanted to ask is if anyone has an up-to-date schematic for this?

    For the pickups, I am looking for a warm PAF style humbucker and some SC that would match output wise so volume won't drop badly. I mainly play classic rock, Les Zep, and also a lot of blues - usual position on a tele is on the bridge pickup with the tone knocked back, on a LP it's the Jimmy Page position of both pickups with lots of mids.

    I have SD 59's in my LPs, so was thinking of a SD 59 or JB in the bridge, then Fralin Blues Specials in the Middle and Neck, or maybe some SD SSL-5.

    Just wondering what other pickups people would recommend to match output and give a nice warm overdriven classic rock Blues tone?

    Any help appreciated!
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    I only got to like the JB after using it with 250K pots and raising the adjustable screws for the polepieces slightly to bring back some of the brightness.

    For reference, the G&L Legacy HB (now called the Legacy HSS) has the JB in the bridge with G&L pickups similar in spec to an SSL2 in the neck and bridge (with 250K pots). I'm not saying you need to go for that, but it will give you a sense of what it can sound like that way. I like how the JB splits so that's a plus. It is going to be hotter than a PAF but with the volume rolled off I'd say it may get close enough for some.

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