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    Took a few years to figure out what i needed. My needs are to use the clean channel of amps to be jtm45ish. Main amps are Marshall JMP50, 6100, Friedman Runt 50. My dirt is from the amps mostly. The Runt became the ultimate gigging amp with its 3 setting clean..sorta plexi & bassman & chimey setting to accommodate from single to hums. But the EQ curves allow for 3 dif applications of the pedals into the amp. The key is the Bogner LaGrange-it is set low gain jt45ish & the boost is transparent. I put it in front cause i did not want to boost it on purpose(keep from always being heavy) Then the Joyo American can actually put a fender twang into the equation. J&H is a TS set up with raunchy OD. All these pedals are interactive with eachother even the chorus & delay..All go into front end of amp(buffer is hidden in it,no noise at all)
    The Boss MS3 is set up mainly with 4 settings.delay.flanger .phaser, big lead sound. It is such a simple set up but designed to mostly play the amp, not use for dirt but tweak & enhance the amps. All 3 amps got so much Mojo in them to begin with. It is covered in Rustolem 4x coating, so it has a rubbery non slip texture but pedals are on velcro. Also the removable part has enough cable to place beside board instead of in front. Cover goes over & 4 eyelet screws into t-nuts clamp it dowm, has handles on side. All cables are 20 ft ready to go to amp using 4 cable method
    Pboard19 (2).jpg Pboard19a (2).jpg Ephrata Borough-20160323-00724.jpg Ephrata Borough-20160507-00790.jpg
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