Partscaster gig bags!! What do you haul’em around in? Let’s see’em!

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    May 12, 2013
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    I just bought a proper quality gig bag for my #1 (which ever one happens to be my #1 at that mo). The rest are of good to fair quality except for the one I have to take a strat back to the states with... its craptacular... came with the guitar...(Below).

    The new one by Harvest Fine Leather:
    9A8569E6-2DE2-4BC2-9DE2-5052207313C0.jpeg DED55FCB-6414-48EA-9A09-167119614353.jpeg

    The craptacular one is little more than a guitar shaped windbreaker. Paper thin with no padding... I fear for the guitar on the journey home. Trying to secure a good one here prior to leaving. Let’s see those gig bags folks!

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  2. Twang-ineer

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    Jul 24, 2019
    That looks really nice! Congrats on the purchase!

    My main gig bag is actually a bass gig bag. Double sided gator "pro" gig bag.

    Often when I go out to play, jam or whatever, I usually take a guitar and a bass as I switch between the two. The other even bigger reason is that my Boss ME 80 will fit in the front pocket. So even if I take 2 guitars, that is still my go to bag. I dont always use the ME -80, but I almost always take it. It is my "woobie". I feel like anything that I would ever need can be done with that device and it requires zero setup time. Many things sound better, but nothing is more effective in a pinch.
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    that’s awesome:lol:
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