Parts for an amp scrap project - who wants 'em?

Discussion in 'Amp Tech Center' started by pilipresh, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. pilipresh

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    Jun 30, 2020
    A few years ago I though I'd dabble into electronics and diy guitar things.

    but that just ended with a box full of things i took apart and didnt know what to do with after/

    so I've decided to find those scrap amp parts a good owner that can turn them into something.

    It's mostly a squier amp I took apart, I have the speaker metal part and the magnet and everything taken apart - the actual cab box with nothing inside. the actual amp circuit. and everything else,

    I also have a usb interface from a million years ago I took apart and some knobs and things to put on potentiometers and things of that sort. I also have a pedal enclosure i never used.

    Let me know if anything sounds interesting to you?! Or if you can think of a better way of this not ending up in a scrap yard and actually becoming something useful
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