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    Old organ speakers can be useful.

    Weber VST spends all day every day building new speakers like the old ones.

    Jensen's "reissue" speakers evoke original Jensens from the '50s and '60s.

    For starters, Jensen was one of at least three of Hammond's primary speaker manufacturers. Have you checked the prices of real 1950s Jensens lately?

    If you see a Jensen with a black frame in an old Fender check the part number. If it has an "AO" part number it's out of a Hammond.

    It may be the correct replacement for an otherwise unobtainable original.

    Even if your old organ pull speakers aren't vintage snob correct for your old Fender... or Gibson... or Magnatone… or Silvertone… the list goes on and on...

    Every disgruntled engineer who left Jensen went on to establish their own speaker company. There are a dozen speaker brands functionally similar to "cherished" vintage Jensen alnico speakers with maybe a half dozen brands at the top of the heap. A few of them are manufacturers guitar players never heard of.

    As I mentioned above, Baldwin in particular used a 6L6 amp similar to an old tweed Pro to drive a 12" speaker or two. Imagine Grandma kickin' bass pedals through that thing!

    If it worked in an old organ with a 6L6 amp reproducing pedal tones an octave below your little guitar you can be fairly certain it will work in your little guitar amp.
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    edvard, fwiw, this Rola I mentioned did not come out of an organ. I can’t even remember where I got it. And....I have heard a lot of old ‘junk’ speakers put a number of new guitar speakers to shame sonically.
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