Ode to the Telecaster


Jun 1, 2013
I didn’t realize this until the pandemic had me spending much more time with my guitars, but by the end it was clear, I’m a Tele guy.

I love that it’s commonly associated with top tier musicianship in all its facets, but also known as a favorite of the side players, who know when to stand out and also when to fit in.

I love that the bridge pickup can do that distinctive twang thing that no other guitar can do in the same way. But also the neck has one of the most universal, warm sounds of any guitar. And how both together gives a beefy rock tone that makes me not miss my Humbuckers at all.

I love that it’s the guitar that popularized the electric guitar to the mass market, and that the instrument can be played in its unchanged form and still be a versatile and vital tool to make music.

I love how my wife, who knows little about guitars, sees a double bound Tele and says, “that is a sharp looking guitar”.

I love how you can find a great player using a Tele in basically any genre of music.

I love how easy it is to restring. Seems like a small detail but when you’re restringing a lot, it’s nice.

And I love how comfortably it rests when you’re sitting, lack of belly carve and all.

Comfort, beauty, personality, versatility, showmanship, and class… the Telecaster has it all.

Southpaw Tele

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Jun 30, 2008
The Golden State
I’m up to 4 electrics now: Player Tele, CV Jazzmaster, Gretsch 2622 semi-hollow and a Strat I built from a kit. The Tele is definitely number one for tones I get out of it and playability. The JM is my most comfortable, however.