Nux MG-300 Vs Podgo

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    Now I know this would be laughable to some, and should be no contest. I initially bought a Nux basically from the good recommendations on here. Didn't use it a lot but loved the interface and particularly the pictures of the effects / knob adjustments. Like adj a real pedal. Anyway I kept reading that the Nux basically not for pro use and not even in the same league as Line 6 etc. Well if you are talking about the Pod having 100's more effects, cabs sims and adjustments I would agree....but as for I bought the Podgo because I thought from what I read the Nux was a toy, not good enough.... without giving it a decent try.

    Been playing around with the Pod for a month and dialed in some good reverbs, delays and Mod sounds but that's where it ended. The compressors don't seem to compress anything. EQ's equally unimpressive. just seem to add noise. Just for the life of me couldn't get a decent lead sound out of it albeit my idea of a lead sound is a no dirt, compressed singing sustain tone aka Gilmourish.

    I find with the Pod when you add effects ....a delay, a reverb, compressor etc each effect messes up your tone in someway. Like add reverb / too much treble, then add delay adds more treble or bass. Every effect seems to effect your output in some way, apart from what it was intended to. You can individually dial all this out of course but it just colors up your sound too much then it all sounds like an electronic mess.

    Finally gave up yesterday and luckily picked up a little Nux dirt cheap. Hooked it up this morning and had everything dialed in about 2 hours. I got an awesome set up for Gilmour tones off the Pedal guy channel. Best I have heard yet. Got an excellent Jazz Chorus sim / sound from the Nux too where the Pod wasn't even close.

    The other thing I really like with the Nux is what I hear through the headphones is pretty much the same as I get plugging into the front of my amp with maybe a little EQ tweak. (Super Reverb no eff loop). If I want to record I can change the mode to studio. Other thing I found was that the amp sims (without Cab) sound a lot better plugged into the front of the amp than the Podgo did. I know they should go through effects loop return but I don't have one.

    I don't mean to dis the Pod. I am sure if you had the time and the inclination the thing would be ten times more powerful than the Nux. To me the guitar, amp and pick ups are the important thing for me. the effects are just for added flavor, like salt or pepper. I know for many these days the main focus is on the pedal / sims and the amp is merely a powered PA speaker. And you could use any guitar they would all sound the same.

    The moral of the story is if you want simplicity, already like the tone of your amp and want your pedals to sound and react like traditional Boss style pedals in the front of an older valve amp, with the least twiddling and adjusting..... the Nux could be for you.
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    Just the expression pedal adds a lot of possibilities. Especially as it's fully programmable, you don't just get wah, volume and pitch shifter, like on some units.
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