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Discussion in 'Mobile App Support' started by bender66, Mar 18, 2015.

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    If I might also ask...

    When loading pics from an iPhone you get 4? shown clickable offers to upload an image. As soon as I move to upload the 2nd image, the 1st image I already loaded gets bumped off, & so on. Is it possible to upload more than 1 image per post from an iPhone?

    Thanks kindly.
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    Right now this is a known bug in the software. We've reported it and are waiting for a fix.

    You can only upload one photo at a time using the TDPRI iOS App.

    PS. I moved your question into it's own thread. Unless your issue is EXACTLY the same as the original thread please do us a favor and always start a new thread rather than piggyback your completely different support question (on a similar topic) there. Thanks so much for your cooperation in this. It will really make things easier.
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