NTD: You can't take a picture of a feeling


Friend of Leo's
Aug 12, 2014
Turku, Finland
I usually don't go for the black Fenders but this one has class and I realize that it's the black pickguard!
White pickguards on black is my least favorite color scheme. Black on black... hmm... this actually works. 😋

Southpaw Tele

Friend of Leo's
Jun 30, 2008
The Golden State
I love black Teles and Player Teles. I almost went with a black one when I bought mine, but settled for butterscotch blonde. Great guitars.

Brent Hutto

Dec 6, 2006
South Carolina
You know the lyrics to that song? Where in the chorus it says,
Sometime you're the windshield
Sometime you're the bug
Sometime it all come together baby
Sometime you're a fool in love
I think it just all came together this afternoon for me and my new Tele "Black Beauty". Today I'm a fool in love.

Yesterday I took it by the dealer where I bought it and had the tech make a couple setup tweaks for me. Then last night I dialed in the intonation the last little bit to get it spot on. So today I just sat down, pulled out a fresh D'Andrea 351 MH celluloid pick and started playing.

To make one thing clear, I can barely play guitar, I admit it. Wouldn't say I'm a beginner because I've been at it for a while but it's a very, very slow learning process. Today I was trying to learn the melody and pick out some chords from a Bill Evans/Jim Hall tune by listening to one phrase at a time and repeating it until I knew that phrase.

For about 20-30 minutes, whenever I got the notes right, the tone and sound of the guitar was EXACTLY the sound I have in my head that I'm trying to get. Playing on the neck pickup it was smooth, round, warm but still clear and present. None of that off-in-the-distance rolled off sound but also no chirpy Tele edge to the notes. Just perfect.

Who knows how often I'll get the guitar, the amp and my hands dialed in like that. But I now know that there will be days where I'm the windshield and not the bug. There'll be days when it all come together.