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    I had a Skype lesson with Johnny Hiland yesterday. What an incredibly genuine person he is. Just really salt of the earth. And humble as the day is long.

    I've been slowly working through a couple of his series on Truefire and I had some questions so I figured I'd roll the dice and take a lesson. It was money well spent. In addition to answering all of my questions, I learned some new licks, but more importantly learned a lot of techniques and concepts for using the material in his Truefire series (although his advice is applicable to everything, not just his own material).

    Of course he knows a lot of the people I admire and he let me know that they are just as nice as they appear in interviews and videos. Not that it matters tremendously, but it's nice to know that your guitar heroes are good guys.

    Anyway, I strong urge anyone considering lessons look into Johnny. I'm all for using the internet to learn, but interaction with a teacher is priceless. He taught me some concepts that I may or may not have stumbled on, figured out for myself, or recognized from a video. He also let me record the session (no sharing), although there was a problem with the video feed. I spend two and a half hours last night working through the first part of the lesson again, transcribing some ideas and taking notes.
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