NRG Day... Yamaha FX325

Discussion in 'Acoustic Heaven' started by JL_LI, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. JL_LI

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    May 20, 2017
    Long Island, NY
    I don't know if this is a serious post or tongue and cheek. There was a thread a couple of days ago about inexpensive guitars. There was a thread about a member looking to buy a guitar while on vacation in Italy. NRG is my acromym for New Rental Guitar. I'm in Maui for 11 days and wanted a guitar to play on the balcony of my hotel room. I got this one, a Yamaha FX325, from Bounty Music for $40. I don't know of that's expensive or cheap, but it's less than the cost of two of my wife's poolside umbrella drinks. The guitar isn't bad. The action is higher than on mine. The sound is bright, even with strings that should have been changed long ago. There are a couple of ways to look at it. It's a playable guitar that I can enjoy for a few days in Hawaii. And it really makes me appreciate the higher quality perfectly set up instruments I have home. The rules of the forum are that without a picture it never happened so here it is.
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  2. oldfish

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    Aug 23, 2015
    nice guitar and remember 1 guitar is better then nothing.have fun and enjoy.;)
  3. Piggy Stu

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    Feb 26, 2017
    My gf moans about me taking a guitar away with me but if she knew the anaesthetic medicinal quality it has for me she would pack 2 more
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  4. Stubee

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    Jan 22, 2007
    I spend that much on a good bottle of whisky, and doubt it gives me as much pleasure as a guitar in hand in a locale like that.

    I used to go to a very small resort in Jamaica. My wife always wanted me to play & sing there, so first brought a Martin Backpacker, but I hated that thing. Then I bought a Baby Taylor; much better, but not thrilling to this dread player. So finally I baggage checked an old $100 Alvarez or Ibanez dread I’d picked up in just a plain old HSC. The thing made it there and back intact, so I at least had a guitar you could hear oceanside when I played.
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