NPDx2 -- Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd...and the 3rd


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Jun 5, 2012
E. Tennessee, USA
I received two new pedals today that I am very pleased with...a Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd and a Fuzzy Anderson the 3rd. My playing is best described as rhythm, so I look for pedals that do not muddy up chords...both of these pedals easily hit that mark.

The 2nd is a Big Muff style and produces rich, smooth tones with great sustain. As previously mentioned, it is all very manageable...not a crazy runaway like some fuzz pedals. Additionally, it has two tonals accessible by setting the toggle and stepping on the little red momentary switch---max volume/boost or a static frequency controllable through your guitar controls (sounds like a Playstation race car or maybe your neighbor's weed whacker). A fun and very usable pedal.

The 3rd is a Woolly Mammoth style and goes after more low end. The little red footswitch places the pedal at full gain while pressed. The pinch knob allows the user to adjust from a really nice fuzz to a spitty crazy sound that reminds me of my Mom's calico cat (an indiscriminate hater of every human on earth). Also a fun and usable pedal.

These pedals are produced/modded by a pedal builder in Portland, OR, and I ran across them on Reverb while looking for some additional fuzz with a twist...the store name is Pedalpalooza Plus. Five stars.
fuzzy anderson 2nd big muff mod.PNG fuzzy anderson 3rd woolly mammoth mod.PNG