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    Dec 26, 2020
    I got this two pedals a week ago because I had my eye on both of them for quite some time. Heard a lot of good stuff about them and because I already own a TC Flashback II, I know that this pedals are built really well. I also know that lots of people use the Spark pedal (also TDPRI users) and that Paul Gilbert uses the MojoMojo pedal. There must be something about them.

    20211016_204032 (1).jpg
    So a guy living close by was selling both of them for 80€ (after some hassle, he agreed for 75€ ;)). In 2012 MojoMojo cost 177$ and Spark also, 177$. I got both for a quarter of that price :)

    I have been playing them a lot lately, I used the single coil and humbucker guitars to see how they sound. On the photo you can see what were the settings that I settled on. So here are my thoughts.

    This is my first booster pedal ever and I absolutely love it. If you really like the sound of your guitar into your amp and just want a little bit more of that sound, try a booster. And the Spark does this really well. It is a versatile beast because with the mini switch you can choose a fat, clean or mid option. Fat boosts the low frequency, mid... well the mids, clean option keeps it really transparent. But even with fat and mid option this pedal still retains your core sound, it just makes it a bit warmer or fatter. If you want a transperent OD, try boosters ;) Then there is the gain, bass and treble knobs, so the possibilities are endless. With the gain past 12 o clock this thing even goes into the overdrive territory.

    -Really well built
    -To access the battery is very easy (you twist a screw at the back side of the pedal with a coin)
    -Good bang for your buck
    -Lots of different EQ options - clean, mid, fat
    -Gain goes from slight boost all the way to overdrive

    -None so far :)

    I expected a lot from this pedal, mostly that it will be a really versatile pedal because of the bass and treble knobs. Plus the reviews say that it is really transparent but also has a lot of gain past 12 o clock. I agree about the gain, but to my ear it is definitely not transparent. To me this pedal with low gain is a kind of a bass-mid booster (Paul Gilbert uses it to fatten up his Marsahall tone). And I agree with those who say that it is a bit dark sounding. You can see on the photo that I rolled the bass all the way down and treble pretty high. I am not saying it is a bad pedal, but I dont need the function of this pedal that it does best. The pedal that I always use as an overdrive is a Boss BD-2 with gain at about 10 to 11 o clock. I retains the sound of the guitar and amp much better, it is much more transparent and dynamic. It also cleans up much better than MojoMojo with volume on guitar turned down.
    What I would use this pedal for and what I like about it is to use it relatively clean as a soloing booster when I would want to "fatten up" my tone and make it more "warmer". But alway as a second stage gain.

    Like Spark pedal...
    -Really well built
    -To access the battery is very easy
    -It is not expensive
    -Great option to add fatness and warmth for your soloing sound

    -Doesnt clean up as well as some other pedals (I used my BD-2 for a reference)
    -It is a bit dark sounding and can become really muddy with higher gain

    The verdict
    I really like the Spark pedal and will definitely use it on my board in the future :cool: I will not give up on the MojoMojo just yet. I will use it a bit longer and try to connect with it some more.
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    Oct 17, 2021
    Twyford, Berkshire
    I've been playing for decades, but it's only in lock down I've started buying pedals. Become a bit obsessive really. One of the first I got was a Mojo, it's a lot of fun but not something I have on all the time, it's quite difficult to get just a tiny bit of OD.

    I bought the Spark, 2nd hand, really because it was cheap! I didn't think I wanted a booster, however it has a gain control which gives you OD, but no where near as much as the Mojo. This is great as it's a much wider setting and I can get just the tiny bit of bite I want.

    The other thing about it is it has ACTIVE tone controls, guitars and amps generally have passive tone controls, they're just tone cuts. However the Spark, if you set the tones at 12 o'clock, adjust the volume and you can reach the point where you can't tell if it's switched on or not! But then turn up the treble and it makes my SG sound like my Tele and the Tele makes your ears bleed! Great pedal.

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Great reviews. I own both as well. Fell in love with TC pedals after getting a HOF a few years ago. We have a very similar taste in settings!

    The Spark definitely gives you more of what you already love about your guitar/amp. How do they do it? Pixie Dust? Unicorn tears? Dunno, but it’s wonderful! And all the clean boost you could ever want!

    I think of the Mojomojo as more of an AIAB; specifically a Tweed Deluxe. Great in some applications and less so in others, but I find that to be true of all ODs. I plugged my SG Special into it the other night, cranked the gain, plugged into my PRRI and got my Neil Young on. Great fun!!!
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