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    I got tired of lugging around a board that had full size wah and volume pedals (Crybaby and VP Jr.). It was just more weight and floor space than I liked for only using them in 2-3 songs apiece each gig. I started looking for mini pedals and found a great deal on this pedal. What I like most (besides the size and weight) is the footswitch. Most combo pedals only have small sliders you have to work with your hands (not helpful when you need both functions in the same song). I also pulled off a clean boost and overdrive I didn't need anymore.

    Like most Morleys, it did need a little adjustment to the LED in the optical circuit to get a longer, more usable sweep to the throw of each. That just took 5 minutes to pull the bottom panel and bend the LEDs slightly (no need to alter the cutout on the filter). Works great, now. Morleys can have a pretty trebly high end to the wah-sweep, and well as an "off-on" quality (which can also be managed by learning a very controlled pedal motion, but that's harder to maintain than many people want to deal with), which is much reduced with these adjustments.

    Saved nearly 10 pounds and 10 inches by trading out 4 pedals for 3 and removing the big base-board that held the full size wah and volume. Even better - by trading in 2 pedals to Guitar Center, I got the Morley for $13 out of pocket. Here's before and after.

    tapatalk_1554673181736.jpeg 20200125_075250.jpg 20200125_081031.jpg

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