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Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by JL_LI, May 17, 2021.

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    This may be my first thread in this forum. I never thought of myself as a pedal guy. I play clean to accompany myself on vocals. I never thought of my BOSS EQ-200 as a pedal. It sits on top of my amp for tone shaping. So why a pedal now?

    It started with a major renovation project at home. I brought a SuperChamp XD up from the basement to play on my front porch. The amp has effects, delay among them. I never used it back when but things change. There are some small pop bands from the UK, London Grammar and The Japanese House among them that rely on delay and a Stratocaster for their sound. I turned it on and aside from the very limited options on the XD, liked it.

    My Boogie is out now so I went shopping. What a disaster. Salesmen trying to sell me what they had in the case and not listening to what I wanted. I ordered the Mirror Image on line hoping that the algorithms and controls would give me what I want, filling empty space with sound and sustain without compression. 15 minutes out of the box and I was close. A little tweaking and I’m closer. I’m learning to hear what the controls do. I’m not thinking of the pedal as an effect. It’s filling space and adding sustain just as I hoped. Money well spent I think. I may try some of the more extreme delays but for now I’m getting exactly what I bought the pedal for.
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    It’s fun to watch someone else begin the journey toward pedal addiction. Pedals are like chips, can’t stop at 1.
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