NPD: Deep Trip Land Page Bender


Jul 28, 2018
Detroit, MI
This is my fourth Deep Trip Land pedal. I also have the BOG, Hellbender, and Kryptone. The Page Bender is now my personal favorite, but they’re all amazing for different reasons.

I didn’t buy the Page Bender because I’m trying to sound like Jimmy, I just love the sound of it. I’ve had a few versions of the Tone Bender, but I’m not an aficionado by any means.

To me the Page Bender is just a great, versatile dirt pedal. It can sound like a distortion pedal, or a fuzz, depending on where the bias control is set, and it has a nice range of dirt from mild crunch to fully saturated. The treble and bass controls are powerful and are centered right where you’d want them. Regardless of where you set them the Page Bender has a mid emphasis that sits in a mix beautifully. Playing at home it sounds a little honky. In a live setting it’s just perfect IMO.

It doesn’t clean up like a Fuzz Face with the guitar volume rolled back, but there are different shades of dirt available, the low end tightens up nicely, and the high end is retained.

I’ve been really impressed with all of Deep Trip Land’s offerings so far. I ordered the Page Bender directly from the builder (from Brazil to USA) and I received it within 2 weeks.

They’re all high-quality, well-designed versions of iconic circuits. I highly recommend them.

Here’s a great demo of the Page Bender. This is pretty much how I have mine dialed in: