NPD: DCW Pedals Mountain Lion


Friend of Leo's
May 19, 2010
Cincinnati, OH
For this application, I was looking for something specific. Amp is a Glaswerks Zingaro 50. I've been NOT setting it for full on Dumble, as it's designed for. Instead, using it like a regular channel switcher: clean BF type cleans, thick sustainy high gain drive. What I didn't have was an in-between drive sound. I wanted one that was transparent, as if I set the amp to that dirt level. Didn't want the usual "push the amp" into OD type overdrive. Enter the Mountain Lion.

First, Dustin was great to work with, answered all questions quickly and accurately. Took only 3 days from ordering to arrive. Was well packaged, and well priced. Zero complaints.

And the pedal does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do. It's considered low to mid gain, but has plenty gain and output on tap. It's dead quiet, and very well built. Not flashy, but neither am I. It's very transparent and uncompressed. The tone knob and cut knob basically work in tandem. It's different than having active treble and bass/baxandall type tone controls. The cut adds fullness, subtracts flub, doesn't just go from brighter to bass-ier. I dialed in the tone I wanted, then turned it off and dialed in THAT same tone from the amp, and switched back and forth. Same tone, same overdrive, same everything. One would be hard pressed to guess which was which, and no way an audience would be able to.

This is a great sounding overdrive. I can't see anyone NOT liking it. Doing so would mean you actually don't like your amp. It's got that Americana/Mike Campbell thing going in spades. Gritty, flexible, and transparent. Give it a try!

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