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    This is my first thread here. I'm not into pedals. I have a Keeley compressor that I use less and less. If anyone asked me in January if I ever heard of an EQ-200 I'd have drawn a blank.

    I started a thread about Seth Lover pickups two weeks ago. I'd just gotten a $250 Sam Ash gift certificate and didn't need anything. I browsed the web site and came across pickups. I thought my SG could use a lift. After way more replies than I imagined, the concensus was that Seth Lovers would be an upgrade but they wouldn't be much different from the 490s in my SG. One person suggested an equalization pedal. The thought crossed my mind after reading about them that a good one could not only give me better clarity from my SG, it could solve an even bigger mud problem with my Gretsch. I ordered the EQ-200 and a power supply, more because the EQ-200 had four memories than the 10 bands.

    WOW!!! The EQ-200 gave me clarity from my SG. The guitar still sounds like an SG, only better. Way less mud and the harshness in the treble is gone. I can now USE the mud switch on my Gretsch. Amazing. I have two Strats and a Tele. MY CS '69 Strat got nothing more than a small roll off of high frequencies. My Strat with VN pickups got a roll off in the treble, a little more than what I used for the CS Strat, and a roll off in the lower frequencies similar to what I gave my Gretsch. I either use the VN Strat settings or the CS Strat settings with my Telecaster with N4 pickups depending on what I need. I can also roll off bass and mids to get a Buck Owens era Telecaster tone. I don't have much use for it backing vocals but it's cool to know it's there. I never thought the Strats or Telecaster needed much of anything. Now I can hear how much better gentle equalization can make them sound. I don't think I've ever gotten so much for $300 (including tax and power supply). See the pic below.

    Oh, and more. The intensity slider works way better than my Keeley compressor for clean boost and equalization does a way better job than the compressor at balancing the output between strings. I'm a happy camper.

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