NPD - Boss Distortion DS-1

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    So... the Boss DS-1 got delivered to me.
    This is yet another chapter in my ongoing quest to acquire "staple" pedals I've somehow managed to avoid during the years(next stop; the Rat). So many opinions I've read, state that this is a fickle pedal which has to be set just right for it to be bearable lest it become a "can of bees". Based on my limited, but now first hand, experience with the DS-1 I must say it seems like those commenters has this thing confused with the MT-2. ;)

    This is a really good Dist pedal so far! I'd say it almost makes my Tone City Golden Plexi redundant. Almost... you can never have too many drive pedals. ;)

    This thing has a tight saturated drive with a semi-scooped feel to it. Good chugs to be had here. Of course there are any number of other pedals which can provide that service but they are not staples... the DS-1 is!

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    May 16, 2009
    That Pedal Show just put out a video on these, and their experience echoed my own. I find these sound quite good when the amp has a bit of breakup, and you use the DS-1 as a boost (very little gain, high output).

    Kind of counterintuitive from what you’d expect, but yes, there are good sounds to be had in there. It’s a classic.
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