Northeast Texas (or any other) wildlife guys: what makes these divots in the yard?


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Mar 31, 2020
oc. CA.
I didn't think of that. I see them burying pecans all the time. Stands to reason they would dig em up in spring, and after mowing kinda makes sense.

Duh, on my part. I betcha.
I’m in southern California O.C. not far from the beach.

I don’t know if it’s because the house backs up to long powerlines that go through the city, And underneath the powerlines nurseries rent those runs.

I think groundskeeper lives in a little camper there, but that’s a big expanse of land with lots of vegetation.

Possibly because of that or a sad reminder of overpopulation, Or something else but we’ve got raccoons, possums, skunks, all kinds of critters in the city. Along with mice and rats. Probably something to do with the San Gabriel river wash that runs through the city, Plus at the end of the block in between runs of the powerlines there’s a Little Bridge over a smaller Rainwater runoff ditch. Maybe 12’ deep 20’ across but during these last rains it was full, and the water was running so fast if you fell in, you were dead. Probably shoot you out into the sea in five minutes! Maybe that’s a culvert I don’t remember, but thinking about it it’s prime real estate all around here for critters.


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Mar 17, 2014
Texas, Louisiana, Texas again
Looks like my yard. Squirrels. We have dozens. The yard and mulched areas look like no-mans-land this time of year.

I'm thinking you all are right about squirrels. I've kinda been watching out the windows to the back yard this morning, and there are a lot of them active on the ground. Haven’t witnessed any actual excavation, but it makes sense that is what they'd be doing.

Anything that keeps them off my bird feeders is fine by me. Although this spring, the migratory blackbirds showed up by what appears to be tens of millions, and those rascals have been emptying three feeders every day for over a week. Expensive guests. My cardinals and all the regulars are like, "Don't you guys need to get going?"