Nora Ephron was a severely underrated filmmaker


May 10, 2021
Atlanta, GA
Whilst some of my favorite filmmakers are primarily men, including Cameron Crowe, John Hughes and John Landis, I also like a lot of female filmmakers, including Nora Ephron.

Nora Ephron was an American journalist, writer, and filmmaker. She is best known for her romantic comedy films and was nominated three times for both the Writer’s Guild of America Award and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally..., and Sleepless in Seattle.
Her other films included You've Got Mail, Heartburn (which starred Jack Nicholson and was allegedly written about her ill fated marriage to journalist Carl Bernstein,) Julie and Julia (which was Nora Ephron's final film), Bewitched and Michael.

Her closest allies included Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Lorne Michaels, Larry David, Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donnell, Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick, Nicole Kidman, Michael Bloomberg, Charlie Rose, Ron Howard, and Gayle King, among others. Nora Ephron was also a very close friend of singer-songwriter Carly Simon, whose 1987 hit Coming Around Again was recorded for the Heartburn soundtrack.
Sadly, Nora Ephron was diagnosed in 2006 with leukemia, which she kept in a private battle in the hopes that it would not affect her ability to finance or produce films. Ephron sadly died in 2012, at age 71, of pneumonia brought on by her leukemia battle. Her body was cremated, and her ashes scattered.

Delia Ephron, her sister, is also a very well known author, who collaborated on the screenplays of the films The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants, You've Got Mail, Michael, and Bewitched. I have felt that in the 10 years since Nora Ephron's death, there has been tremendous interest in making a documentary about her life. I have always been interested in filmmaking, and I think I should write to her family members and ask them to help with the project.

But Nora Ephron had a very soulful sense of humor, and was a constant source of inspiration to every actor she worked with. I see Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet and Blake Lively being greatly influenced by Nora Ephron.

I just hope somebody else shares my views on the groundbreaking works of Nora Ephron.

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