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    Mar 12, 2013
    This has been a good day. I snagged this 1973 Marshall JMP 50 Watt head and it arrived this afternoon.

    First, let me say I am very fortunate to have found this amp. I have said before that I feel really honored to be able to own such a neat piece of musical history with a few pieces of my gear. This is one.

    This head arrived exactly as described and I feel there is no need to change a THING about it. I DID install an RCA 12AX7A and two JAN 12AX7s plus two East German EL34s.

    I have it run into a Fryette Power Station and then going into a single Fane A90 12 inch alnico speaker rated at 90 watts and housed in an old Bell and Howell projector case. The Power Station is adding nothing to the signal, imo. It's just taking the Marshall signal and making it loud enough to hear as it's being pushed to 7 through 10 territory but at low volume. It's not pushing the Fane as much as it would at full volume but it still sounds amazing to me.

    The Strat is my "Uncle Fester" partscaster I put together. The important parts of this guitar are the two 60s Fender single coils and the T-Top bridge pickup.

    Every pickup position sounds different and SO good. This amp doesn't make me a better player, it makes me SOUND better.


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