No Illusions

Discussion in 'Twanger Central' started by Strat62, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Feb 18, 2008
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    Sittin back and wandering thru my daydreams into the night and beyond I've a lot to be thankful it's my fortune but I've still got my chains dragging along (chorus) I've got no illusions about the reasons why the past of delusions clouded all my skies (verse) and the fallout from the poison claws from the past intelligence has no reason my cruelty at last Born to run like a greyhound and die like a snail we trade our freedoms for a guide on our trail (chorus) And in that pool of reflection in the quiet of the night the sting of conclusions I can't pay back that price We're raised as a team but in the end we're alone to follow great dreams these too end up gone (chorus) And I know it in my heart there's no reasons, no excuse the streets of the past this baggage has no use.
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