NMD. (New mics day)

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by Jakedog, Sep 22, 2020.

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    On a budget, but needed mics. Some for my new recording setup, and a replacement for my live vocal mic.

    I’ve had my EV ND767A for about fifteen years. That’s thousands of gigs. It’s getting kinda long in the tooth, and recently I noticed the internal shock mounting is shot and the innards are starting to just rattle around inside the head. Enter the new EV ND76. Supposed to be pretty much a direct replacement. I’ll field test it this weekend. Hoping for the best, as that ND767A is by far and away the very best vocal mic I’ve ever used.

    Large diaphragm mic is the AKG P420. I wanted a Rode NT1, but everybody seemed to be out of them, and everyone I called said they don’t expect to see more before the end of the year. So a little research led me to go ahead and try this guy. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m pretty optimistic.

    Stereo pair are Samson CO2. Very inexpensive, but the reviews are almost universally awesome. Again, we’ll see.

    I have no expectations that the AKG and Samsons will sound or perform like high end pro studio mics that cost ten times as much. I’m just hoping they do a good job for my self-recording ambitions. I think they probably will. At any rate, I think they’ll be a good introduction to learning how all this stuff works.
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    Cool, enjoy and good luck with the results. I think next on the purchase docket is a microphone haul. I bought a nice amp and suddenly my software amps I swore by for years don’t sound as satisfying for recording. Down the rabbit hole I go!
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    Look great!
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