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Jun 1, 2018
It is important to remember that single pack lacquers dont cure… they dry. In order for this to all work as you want you need to allow the acetone to gas out properly which means leaving it to dry for as long as possible before attempting to check it. It isn’t complicated but based on the product you choose to use I’d advise doing some test spray outs first before proceeding to a body.


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Jul 18, 2010
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Instead of freezing the whole guitar (slowly), use a 'freeze spray'.

Start with a heat gun, on a small area, say ... 4x4". Get it warm, but don't burn it. Then immediately follow with the freeze spray.

It requires some practice to get the technique right. There's checking that's pleasing to the eye, and checking that looks like the guitar is ready for the dumpster. I realize you don't have scraps to practice on, but maybe work on the back first...

It can be hard to see the checks without rubbing something into the cracks. The best recipe for that is beyond my pay grade, but maybe start with something reversible like a paste wax - color depending on the color of the instrument.

Keep in mind, the guitar shown has a thin coat of straight Fender nitro, whatever that is, with few to no plasticizers. It's a 2013 AV58.

It's also difficult to photograph:

body checking.JPG


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Jun 16, 2019
Hi guys,

so I have a nitro body but it just seems to want to check at all. I tried heating it with a hair dryer and heat gun with compressed air which didn’t work. Tried putting it in the freezer for 3 hours then hit it with a heat gun, didn’t work. Tried freezing overnight and used heat gun. That didn’t work either. Anything else I can try?

The undercoat is poly based which is probably what’s stopping it from checking. Could I maybe hit it with a clear coat of nitro and try that? It’s a sunburst finish so really don’t want to strip it as I know I’d do a terrible job trying to repaint it.

I’ve saw online that most modern nitro has plasticisers in it, also saw that they can break down over time. How long am I looking at til this would start checking naturally?
Are you kidding? Just plug it in and play it. That's what it's for.The more you play it the faster it'll age. OMG.