NGD: The G stands for Goldtop


Dec 12, 2009
Green Bay, WI



Firefly GD90, their take on the two P90 Les Paul, $227 shipped to my door. So far, that is a lot of guitar for seriously low end money. Managed to grab this in the 2nd batch they released. This is another one where they seem to be making only a few for each release.

Features, well, it's a Les Paul copy with two P90s, 2 volume, 2 tone. Very basic. Out of the box has a decent setup, not perfect but adequate. Very good for it's cost, though. Same with the fretwork, nothing sharp, good polish on them. Pickups and electronics do what they should. Sounds like P90s.

The bad. Like every Firefly I've had, there are finish flaws. In the picture of the back, there is a reflection of a rectangular vent on the ceiling, except it is deformed because there is an egg-shaped low spot right there. On the top, bass side just above the area between the pickups there is another ~2" x 1/4" spot that looks like a sanded out run in the paint. The one on the back will never be seen unless you're really looking for it, and the one on the front is parallel with the strings and kind of looks like a shadow. There is also a haze on the edges of the back/side, but that should polish out since it looks like it's just the clear coat. They're all pretty minor, and at the price I really don't care.

What do I not like? The back. It is so dark it looks black, but hold a light up to and you can see it is a very dark transparent red. I think the first batch was a more natural mahogany color, which I would have preferred, but it's not like I'm going to return it or complain too loudly. Also, wish they had gotten a better color match on the plastics.