NGD Telecaster Performer Honeyburst


Oct 3, 2015
Germany, somewhere from the countryside
I am retired since 2022 and for this reason,last year I wanted to give myself a very special present- a new guitar. There were several models I was interested in - the Telecaster Noventa, the Telecaster Player H/H , the MiM Robert Cray Strat (all in sunburst) and the Telecaster Performer in honeyburst.
In the end I decided to buy the Performer Telecaster.
Because we do not have any music shops around here that offer this guitar, I ordered it online from Thomann.I had to wait some time until it arrived, because it was sold out and new guitars were on the way.I received it some time ago and so here it is:

It came in a perfect condition.The neck and the frets feel very comfortable and the playability is very good.
The pickups are not bright or harsh and sound perfect to my taste.
It is a 3 piece body and the pieces have a beautiful matched woodgrain, which can be seen nicely through the finish.The colour is a little bit brighter as in the picture, and what I like is that there is not too much "burst".
I am glad I decided to take that guitar and I really like it :)

That Cal Webway

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Nov 16, 2012
Very nice!

I have one also, blue.
After a while I had a set of boutique pups put in.
..within 2 wks the original ones were put back in!! Great pups to my ears..