NGD, Six months pasted.

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    Last march The was a sale on Squire Affinity guitar , I bought one on impulse , I was really sick with covid 19 and really got a negative responce after unboxing ...
    Well, today I picked it up tuned it up ( new tuners check) plugged it in and played it for a bit and looked for all those things people the shop at Normans and Elderly guitars look for... :rolleyes:

    I was pleased. I realize that I bought a ford Focus and want it to run with the Ford GT 40's (right o_O)
    I leave it minty mint green and put some alligator stickers on it with my highest blessing, get a nut, tuners and a set up and see how open G tuning works on it. oh the frets were nicely crowned which surprised me.
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