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    They have a good harder edge type rock sound but for me thats about it. They will clean up ok but I have better stuff for that. I've tried the pickup swap rabbit hole before. That was enough to make me not want to again. If I'm not totally happy with guitar i

    SG has the only red I really like on a guitar. Pretty much the quintessential SG color I think. But I got mine at a price I couldn't pass up. It took awhile for the new car smell to wear off. But it did make me really appreciate a nice chunky neck. So in that respect I like it. I dont actively hate the pickups but I came to realize they really don't suit me
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    I just couldn’t let it pass me by
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    My favorite SG, after having a lot, is this Epi MIC 'clipped ear' in all Black. None more black.
    Wall hanger and the fleet of guitars looks a lot different now, but I still have this black SG.
    I also have a vintage Kalamazoo Gibson SG, but it's not as much fun as this one and doesn't hit the same tones.

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