NGD - PRS Full Rosewood neck at last!


Dec 18, 2007
I'm recently taking some efforts to reduce my guitar stable, so I was to trade a few guitars against a PRS Custom 24 and some cashback. The Customs I've tried were decent instrument, but I've asked the guys at the shop, if they had a full rosewood neck PRS by any chance, as I am sill missing my sold 20th Anniversary McCarthy.. and boom - they just happened to have this 2009 Modern Eagle 2. Blue is not my favourite colour, but that neck immediately got me the sounds I was missing. I felt immediately at home, hence I disregarded all the other Custom 24s and got this one instead. It came with the 57/08 pickups, which deliver great tones, splitted or not. The guitar has of course the trademark PRS voice, but also more. The coil split is nice and balanced, without the full humbucker being too loud, and it cleans up well with the volume pot. The tone pot is fully usable too, all in all a great player. The rosewood neck adds it's usually crispiness. Still I will think of my old McCarthy and regret selling it, but hey, life has just thrown me a nice towel to wipe my tears, so happy days! A great guitar, more space at home and some money back in the pocket ;)




PS. Thanks to all the good people at PRS putting their hearts into crafting those remarkable instruments. And yes. I would get another one on a heartbeat if it crosses my path :D


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Apr 18, 2014
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....And check out that case!

I don't know how long they sold these cases, nor if they still do, but I was at the factory for a tour when those were the only cases on the floor. They are very nice.

OP, here's a mod for you: rotate the bridge pickup so the screw poles are on the neck-side bobbin, lower the pickup and raise the screw poles 1/8th inch or so. Completely reversible mod. Will give you a fantastic P90 tone while still having noise reduction. This works because the neck bobbin on a bridge humbucker is the same string location as a P90. I have converted two PRSs this way so far. My favorite bridge pickups are Telecasters and P90s.

You came out ahead getting a 22 fret guitar vs the 24 you wanted ... 22 models sound more like LPs while the 24s more like SGs due to neck pickup placement.


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