NGD - present from my colleagues


Doctor of Teleocity
Mar 14, 2012
London, UK
So after 17 years I left my job. My generous colleagues had a whip-round and raised almost enough to buy this beauty. I topped up the pot and clicked on Add to Basket.

I was pretty much done with new guitars, but as this one was basically free, and it's something to remind me of my colleagues (many of whom are great friends now), I thought what the heck. I will be using it at a gig at the company in a couple of months.

My first impressions are pretty darn good. It's my second G&L Tribute so I was confident about the quality. The important things are all perfect - basically the frets.

I went for this one because I was curious about the pickups. They sound great, somewhere between a tele and growly P90s. But frankly, not really different enough from what I already have to justify buying it if it wasn't free.

The set-up is pretty good out of the box. If I was being picky I might file the nut a tiny bit more, but that's subjective.

I had to sand a few bits of glue and some tiny ridges off the neck; but on the plus side the neck has the thinnest satin poly finish I've ever seen. It feels like there's no finish at all.

Anyway, enough waffle, pics: