NGD: Modshop Tele


Friend of Leo's
Jun 16, 2019
Well, new gear month i guess, not day but whatever.

Brand new modshop Telecaster, in autumn blaze, with CS '51 nocaster pickups, and with a one-piece all-rosewood neck! I'm beyond thrilled.

I was worried about the rosewood neck, that I wouldn't like the (deep C) shape or that it'd be heavier and neck dive, but it is perfect in every way, and so smooth.

This is my first real telecaster, as my FMT HH is a les paul in disguise, as well as my first American Fender guitar.

The only problem with it is the cheap, already-broken switch tip, but that's a minor gripe.

The plan is to eventually make the nashville conversion, adding a Fralin Vintage Hot middle, but I'm in no hurry. Could have bought it as a nashville, but that would have required going with gen4 noiseless pickups instead. Plus I can't leave anything alone so why not just plan the project in from the beginning... View attachment 968238 View attachment 968242
Wow, beautiful guitar, love the color.