NGD - Inexpensive Gstyle Lap Steel...

James Knox

Aug 13, 2003
A few weeks ago, while reading a Lap Steel thread here somebody mentioned the import Gstyle Lap Steel Available on Amazon for $119. I checked it out. The bridge and nut looked sturdy. Sealed Grover like tuners. P90 pickup. Had a guitar shape to it, didn’t look like a plank of wood. I pulled the trigger on a Black one.

Got it. It wasn’t bad. Needed the nut raised, String slots on the nut and bridge all needed redoing. It appeared to be chrome plated aluminum, so I filed them down and recut the slots. Knocked the sharp edges off the bridge, nut and fretboard edge.

Tuners work well. P90 sounds great. Put new, correct gauge Strings For Open E and rocked it. It is what it is and I am happy with it.

For fun, I ordered another one. Got the last Sunburst in stock. My plan was to string it up for a 6th Tuning, probably A6. I have dabbled over the years but have not owned a Steel for probably 10 years or so.

So the ‘Burst arrives. Yikes!

Fingerboard is on crooked and overlaps the edge on one side by 1/8 to 3/16. Bridge String Holes don’t line up. Can hardly get the first string threaded through the hole. Got work to do!

Removed the fretboard, filled holes, repositioned and reattached the fretboard correctly. Went ahead and replaced the cheap looking factory Silver screws with Black Pickguard screws. Looks much better! Enlarged the String holes on the Bridge and the holes through the wood to the String Ferrell, filled original screw holes and repositioned the Bridge equally over the 6 string holes as best as I could. The strings will all go through fine now. Oh Yeah, had to do the same Nut and Bridge filing and recut as on the other one. Sounds great now. Solid. NO Sitar Sounds, lol.

Contacted the Seller through Amazon, documented the problems, told them I wanted to keep it since it was the last Sunburst and asked for a discount. They refunded me $40.

It was a fun couple weeks! Gave me something to do. Now I have a couple sweet Lap Steels in different tunings! One in A6 for Classic Country and one In Open E for Classic Rock. Here are the pics....


The Fretboard Overlap...


The bridge Misalignment...


On the bench...


Replacing Cheap Silver Screws with Black Pickguard Screws (after counter sinking)...




Here is a pic of the Fixed and finished polished Nut and Bridges (on both)...



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