NGD: I'm Acknowledging it, I have a GAS problem. Something RED.

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    So being curious about these guitars, remember that this is my first time to dip my feet into the Epiphone/Gibson waters and Im very eager to try out the real thing.. This store is near me and I tried this one..


    Safe to say that it was beautiful to see.. striking red and the feel is just something that needs to be experienced personally.. Strummed acoustically, loud. Resonant. Plugged in, glorious..

    But I cant help but feel that the Casino I have, in terms of playability, its almost the same.. fit and finish on the Gibson is top notch.. but my Casino has the same feel to it.. Maybe its just on my head.. I didnt bring my Casino to do an A vs B test to see how close my chinese casino to the american gibson, but after playing the Casino every night since I got it, I can say I got familiar with it quickly and can tell that it's 70-80% there in terms of feel and tone..

    Gibson pickups just have that certain warm, punch, articulate and growl to it.. Maybe this is because Im plugged into a 1970 Twin Reverb they have in stock, and Im playing through a Vox Pathfinder 15R at home, so definitely, theres a lot of differences right there.. Also this is the Long neck version and mine Casino has been built differently in terms of neck joint.. Maybe I need to find proper Gibson es330 with the same neck joint...

    The Gibson has spaghetti strings on it, I cant really judge it.. My Casino has 11's and I did my preferred set up and action on it, so it will feel really good to me.. its hard to decide which I prefer more without my Casino beside me to quickly change to... but all in all, Im happy that even my affordable Casino is in the General admissions seating of the ballpark stadium that is the ES330..

    Now I'm wondering where a Japanese Epiphone Casino is seated though.. I just wished they made a Cherry Red Elitist readily available.. I would be okay to pay a premium for that...
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