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    After nearly 15 days of waiting, it arrived on Friday... the beautiful Ibanez AR-720. This model is now discontinued, but I was attracted by the unique specs and the gorgeous finish!
    P.S. Thanks everybody who gave me some great feedback on your experience with Ibanez Artists, that thread really helped me pull the trigger on this one!

    Managed to find one on Reverb from an Italian retailer (Centro Chitarre in Napoli) and ordered it directly from their site saving nearly 10%. It took a while to get here due to holidays, it basically didn't move from the 23rd to the 29th of last month.

    It arrived with one flaw - the pickup toggle switch was broken. I found the cap off to the side, broken with the metal bit inside it. I was disappointed to see that on an otherwise perfect brand new guitar, but decided I will just switch the switch. I have the replacement switch on its way to me already, all for about $25. Not worth sending it back over that. And it also gives me a chance to work on my soldering skills. :)

    So, onto to the guitar. The model is the AR-720, short spec list:
    Ash body with a German carved maple top - Bursted Smoky Quartz finish
    Ebony fretboard with medium frets
    Cream and abalone binding on body and cream binding on neck
    Super 80 "Flying Finger" Pickups with engraving on cover (Reissue of legendary pickups of same name that were on the '80s Artists)
    Bone nut
    Traditional Artist tailpiece
    Comes with an Ibanez Hard-shell case

    I was looking for an HH guitar, and after trying LP Standards, PRS McCarty's and the like for a while, I went digging in Ibanez wiki to see if they made something similar. I like the current production Artists, but they've switched a lot of the materials, and I just felt like I wanted something a bit fancier. Then I found this one!

    Having had the guitars a couple of days, I can safely say it sounds as good as it looks! The pickups are amazing! They are hotter and push the amp more, but I've felt I've missed that as most of my guitars have low-output pickups. These are stronger than the Epi P90s in my '56 LP. The pots give you good gradual control, all the way from 10 to 0. And the Sure Grip knobs are very comfortable.

    The neck is extremely comfortable - first I thought it would be a bit small as I'm used to '50s style fat necks - on my Tele, Strat and LP. I play thumb over so a neck too thin would make me change my style. However, no need to do that with this one, it's comfortable and also very fast.

    This Artist is extremely resonant, feels like a semi-acoustic even though it is a solid body. The body is considerably thinner than a Les Paul or a Tele (though very similar in shape - same profile as an LP, but feels more like a Tele), maybe that lets the body resonate better against yours.

    One thing that stands out to me is the bridge pickup. I stay on the neck a lot of the time because most treble pups are just way too bright for my liking. When I'm on them, I roll of the tone a bit on almost all my guitars. These Super 80's sound very rich, full and clear, no mud, but no shrill tones either. Very good balance, work for me very well!

    All in all, I love this guitar! Great looks, feels, sounds, and all for under $1000 with a case, ebony fretboard, great pups, and all that jazz. :)

    I feel like I could go on and on... so I'll let the guitar speak for itself. See attached pictures and two short clean demos through a Katana 100 with a Celestion Creamback H75, mic-ed with SM58. It's supposed to sound something like a clean Twin.


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