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Oct 10, 2010
Virginia, US
Lately, my brother has been in the habit of asking my opinion of various topics. He usually follows up his question with "Keep an eye out - I've just ordered one for you..." (eg., a Fender Mustang Micro, a Firefly Aerosonic 12-string, outdoors equipment). Yesterday, UPS showed up at my door with another guitar.

This one is the Firefly Pegasus. This is a copy of Paul Languedoc's guitars, made famous by Trey Anastasio. I'm not into jam bands like The Dead or Phish, so I'm not familiar with Anastasio or his music.

I've seen only a handful of mentions about this guitar, including in a previous TDPRI thread: Pegasus thread, so there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there about it. When searching for it, I came across other copies being sold. Some MIC models are selling for over 10x the price of this one.

Overall, the workmanship on this guitar is very good: my only concerns thus far have been that the binding on the neck has a 90º bevel to it (I will want to sand/file it down to give it more of a rolled profile), and the truss rod had been tweaked pretty tight, causing a bit of a back-bow. I've addressed that by loosening the truss rod a bit. Intonation was spot-on.

Otherwise, it has the nicest fret job I've ever seen on a factory instrument - all neatly leveled, crowned, and polished - with the fret ends all even, rounded, and polished. I have no idea of what material they are made, so I'll keep an eye on fret wear.

Tonally, I have only played it through a headphone amp (the aforementioned Fender Mustang Micro). It has a decent range of tones, but I can imagine upgrading the electronics at some point.

Does anyone else have any experience with this model?



Sep 25, 2017
Suburban PDX, OR
I noticed that one on their online store a few months ago. I was intrigued that it was full hollow body (according to their product description). Can't tell much from the photo but it appears to be a pretty nice guitar.

I know Firefly brand takes a lot of criticism for being a 'cheap, low-budget [xxx]..' guitar, but..
I bought their '338' model (335 copy) 7 or 8 months ago and was nicely surprised. The horror stories I had heard proved not to be true with my specimen. I am super picky about frets, so I dressed and polished up the frets nicely. All other parts were functional and working well. Later, I swapped neck PU and ToM bridge out (not absolutely necessary, just a 'nice-to-have'). It is easily my easiest playing best setup guitar I have. The 338 has maple body and set maple neck (w/nice rosewood board), and a real bone nut. The tuners were reasonably good for Grover copies and hold tune pretty well -- once screws were torqued and parts lubed.

The seller site for reference:

Edit: Looks like Firefly is now making a Tele style knock-off:
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