NGD - Fender CS Jason Smith Masterbuilt Stratocaster


TDPRI Member
Feb 19, 2021
My new guitar after a long wait: Jason Smith '59 hardtail Stratocaster in Dirty White Blonde with black anodized guard.

Neck: Large C, maple fingerboard, 9.5'' radius
Frets: 6105
Hardtail bridge
Wiring: blender w/ greasebucket and treble bleed.
Pickups: Ancho Poblano HW
Body: two piece ash, selected so you can't see the it's 2 piece :)

The guitar is amazing. Looks even better live than the pictures can show. I think color is slightly more grayish.
It plays great, it's so precisely made that i just can't believe it. The fret board has so many sweet-spots that it's insane :D

Jason put a lot attention into the details. The relic job is incomparable to (my other) team builds, even the pickup selector shaft has matching color.

It's my first and only master-built guitar, and honestly i didn't expect it to make so much difference to team builds. I was wrong :D 20220121_152445.jpg 20220121_152439.jpg 20220121_152432.jpg 20220121_152425.jpg 20220121_152347.jpg 20220121_151545.jpg 20220121_151539.jpg 20220121_151535.jpg 20220121_151529.jpg 20220121_151524.jpg