NGD Esquire 70th anniversary LPB

Ed Driscoll

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Aug 19, 2003
South of Dallas
She's finally here! I usually don't have the 'honey moon period' with a new guitar, but this one could be the exception.

In a few words: light, resonant, chunky-but-not-crazy-chunky U-shaped neck, great fret job, tuners keep this thing in tune whatever it may happen, it's lake placid blue and smells like a cake.

The shop sent it perfectly set-up with a new set of strings for no charge. Nice G&G case and case candy. Only downside is the pickguard, it's come quite wrapped (I can easily slip a pick in), I have already changed it with a less-white three-ply pickguard, I quite dig the new look actually.

This morning I got an email saying that the delivery was expected at around noon, then another email said 'delivery rescheduled and expected tomorrow'. OK.

Then I got a phone call from the truck driver, all I had to do was to go downstairs and pick the carton. Cool! I went down and found this:

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I went like, WTH?? Even my cats were not sure about this! I opened the carton and found that:

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My cats left the room...
Since I am a brave boy, I decided to open the carton a discovered something familiar: a tweed case. Inside there was this:

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Nice guitar -- Gibson-made Squier Fenders really are the best! ;)


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Oct 13, 2006
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I have a bound Lake Placid Blue '64 RI and replaced the bright white PG with mint green. Has just enough green to take the clash of the white away but blends nicely with the blue. I had that guard sitting around for years and laid it on top of the original. In about 10 seconds out came the screwdriver!

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