NGD Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen pickups

CV Jee Beez

Nov 24, 2016
Duarte, CA
Put a set of Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen pickups in my Flying V.

Very little time with them but here are some impressions so far.

Bridge pickup has more low mid content than the custom shop Texas special in my tele and more clarity than the JB that was replaced.

The middle reminds me of a Strat into a Matchless DC30. Big time mids and big time clarity at the same time.

The neck has clarity that humbuckers usually don't have but, has the girth and fullness of a humbucker.

I think a person knows if they like something inside of a minute. I like them. I like them a lot.

I can believe that they may be more susceptible to noise but, so far so good.

I've had Bare Knuckle Peter Greens and Stormy Mondays before these. The Mississippi Queens are my favourite of the three.