NGD 2009 G5235 Came


Jan 14, 2021
My UPS man dropped off my recent purchase today. An older G5235. It’s a nicely broken in, few scuffs and scrapes, black Gretsch. The previous owner had a Power’Tron Plus put in the bridge.

So it took me about 2.5 hours to get it all set up, was previously set up for slide in open E with fairly high action. I had to route out the bridge pickup cavity to get the pickup to fit correctly (low enough). I see why these Gretschbuckers get such a bad rap when it comes to swapping them out. Other than that everything went smooth.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the tuners. Other hardware is all stock. Works great.

The guitar is super resonant and just sounds pleasant unplugged. The TV Jones (the first I’ve played) is amazing. It has a great grit to it through my Twin Reverb, while still retaining really good note clarity. I play indie/alt pop rock and this will work perfectly. Once intimated it sounds good across the board and even with capo on/changes.

Pretty darn pleased, especially for $350 shipped. This rivals some lower price Gibsons I’ve owned with ease.

My only hopefully change is pickup rings and a TV Jones for the neck. I was underwhelmed with that pickup. I’ve also heard that the rings require a pick guard swap also, so not sure yet about that either.

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